Monday, September 27, 2010

Why I Drink

Rational conversations with my mother are nearly impossible.

Me: Didn't you go grocery shopping at Jusco a few hours ago?
Mom: Yes.
Me: But aside from tomatoes and butter, the fridge is empty... ?
Mom: It's not my job to buy everything.
Me: But could you buy something for us to munch on the next time you shop?
Mom: Do it yourself, you're 19.
Me: But you're already going to the mall!
Mom: You're a rude and ungrateful child.
Me: Huh? What? Why?!

Mom: I never deprived you of anything.
Me: I never said you did. All I'm saying is that the next time you're out could you please-

And people wonder why I drink....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Habits too Regular.

Last Wednesday afternoon, post being abandoned by all my college friends and left to wonder the mall aimlessly whilst I wait for the traffic to subside enough to cab back home, I went to Starbucks in Plaza Damas. The conversation at the cashier went something like this:

Me: I'd like a -

Cashier boy: Venti Hazelnut Hot Chocolate.

Me: Er.. yeah. (looks dumbfounded) Thanks..

Cashier boy: Those thing'll give you diabetes you know.

Gee, great sales pitch. Someone make this guy the fucking employee of the month. You know you need to hang out at different places when the guy at Starbucks starts prepping your drink the moment you walk in.

In other news.. the third season of Damages (which I bought with Jason C after our impromptu bowling session last Wednesday) is out! It's been for awhile actually; I've just been too busy gagging on my long reading list that mostly comprises of bestsellers at MPH A Levels textbooks to notice.

Unrelatedly, I read on MLIA that if you substitute word the word 'wand' for 'willy' in all the Harry Potter books, it'd make really amusing reading. So guess what I've been doing these past few days? Favorite line from the Prisoner of Azkaban:

"Then he whirled his willy at the dementors and shot silver stuff at them."

"Don't you point that willy at me boy..." Moody, Goblet of Fire

According to Melissa, MLIA doesn't even cut it as theme of my life, it's just MLISad now...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

long.. long.. REALLY long...

i've never seen or ate rice this long
my dad brought home some briyani from jeddah or dubai (i can't remember)
but i was intrigued by it... i know, very jakon rite?

it's as long as my long thumb nail

compare & contrast

p.s. jobless people like me writes about minute stuff like this.. hahaha...
btw, it tasted sooo good unlike those you get from mamak restaurants here


now i understand why not many have posted up anything these past few months... FACEBOOK
that's where you guys are!!!

hmph... nice of you to abandon our blog.. thanks a million

personal opinion : fb trains you to be inquisitive, gossip-loving & a top notch stalker
tho i have to admit i love the fact that i can skim through pictures after pictures seeing how all of my friends got hotter and handsomer :P
(i'm pretty stagnant in this case. how exciting can life get for me? i wonder...)

but there's not much room for expressing your thoughts in words just pictures
so please... take some time out to revive and rock OUR blog ;)

miss ya all!!!!

btw, when is a levels gonna end? are you guys free in May? Wanna catch a movie or wanna wait for eclipse??? anyone keen for extra cheesiness and cliched love story??

haha.. don't my sneackers rock like it's owner? ;P
did you notice my name on it?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Too awesome to not post

I can't believe it's been a year already! The pre-froshes are swarming on to campus to check out the school before opting to attend and look how the hackers are welcoming them:

At first, I thought they are miniatures / toy furnitures but when I went to check it out after class today I realized they are life-sized! Teehee I *heart* the pool table. You?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Before the Papers Begin.

Exams are yet again upon us, well, me at least, and as I sit here in a Chinese restaurant that serves overpriced fried rice that contains less ingredients than distiled water, I'm prepping for a math paper. Gone are the days where we didn't need to study math and reading such notes bordered on taboo. Now, it's just heaps and piles and folders of STUFF. Well, at the very least I can hope that my arms will be toned by the end of the semester from lugging all of it around. Wishful thinking, but like unrequited crushes ad unicorns, it'll all about dreams isn't it?

Hope you guys are thriving in respective environments! Been missing you people loads.
Take care.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fashion hurts You BUT Saves the planet at the same time

Check out these heels, cool right!
Honestly the insole maybe made of smooth silky satin but these shoes are nowhere near stable and comfortable
In fact weirdly enough they remind me of olden china lotus shoes which you have to bind your feet in order to fit
On top of that, they cost a bomb... pain is gain, all in the name of FASHION

However, who says recycling's not cool
If Hermes can do it why not us?

plastic bottles, polystyrene cups, and a bunch of bottle caps... anyone?
Recycle for fashion... mind you, NOT recycled fashion


Have you ever noticed, that it never rains when you are on board a plane?
It's because we're almost all the time flying above the cumulonimbus clouds and all we see out of that small window are actually cumulus clouds which make me feel like i'm in Olympus.

See the pinkish clouds (cumulus) through the dark grey one (cumulonimbus)... we're flying through potential-rain-carrying clouds. If it gets denser, the plane will be drenched without you noticing any rain drops, luckily that usually doesn't happen.

I really wish i could just smash the window & fly among the clouds... i'd probably die of lack of oxygen first
Flying among & through clouds make me feel so free like gravity doesn't exist (i know it doesn't make sense logically, seeing how gravity pulls the sky & retains it close to earth)... but still

The swirls of colours reminds me of paddle pop ice cream. I bet they'll make beautiful eye shadow colours too.

It's 7 pm plus yet the sun shines brightly before setting to let the moon take her turn and shine.